The 4 Wide Challenge was a success, at the ZMAX Dragway in Charlotte NC.  6 JR Dragsters were on site to represent the NHRA Summit JR Dragster League allowing fans and kids to get up close and have fun with our program.  From the Chalk Board Pink car of Katie Hall to the family friendly atmosphere in the booth, we had a blast spending time with all the fans and the Pros.

Round One: the four teen girls challenged for the position to race the Pro’s and Rachel Flower timed it right to win the round. 

Round Two - Against the Pros:  Blake Alexander, Leah Pritchett, and J.R. Todd lined up against Rachel for the challenge.  Where Rachel Flowers had the timing right on the money again and swept the challenge proving “Girl Strong” and “Sweet Speed” gets the job done right.

Round Three: was the grudge match between little sister and big brother Katie and Chad Hall.  Katie had one goal in mind bragging rights and she took them home with the solid run. 

We want to thank Leah, Blake and J.R. for accepting the challenge to get back into the JR Dragsters.  You made this event memorable for all JR Dragsters and kids across the country, we were honored to have you race with us. We want to thank the NHRA and the ZMax Dragway for allowing us to present the 4 Wide Challenge at this outstanding race track.

Look for the future of JR Dragssters to propel young kids into the family friendly sport of racing. You can find out more about JR Dragsters from your local race track or through the NHRA.

ERS would like to give special thanks to the families of the JR Dragsters that attended the event and Dina Parise for all your help.

We are proud to announce an exclusive 4 Wide Jr Dragster Challange on April 10th - 13th at the NHRA 4 WIDE Nationals in Charlotte. With the Televised Race Weekend we are taking the time to promote the next generations of racing families to be on the fast track to Professional Racing.

For the first time in Drag Racing History, Four JR Dragsters will be racing 4 wide with all four drivers being teenage girls. The winner of the Four Wide Challenge will then return to race a second time. This time it will be against Three Mello Yello Drivers who came up from the ranks of JR Dragsters and are now getting back in the Summit JR Dragster League Dragsters to promote kids in racing.

This event will mark the first time Summit JR Dragster League dragsters have competed during a NHRA televised 4 Wide Event. This also marks the first time Professional Drivers will step back in the ranks to challenge the kids on the JR Dragster level.

The four teenage girls will be competing for the chance to race the professionals.

Maddie Lee, 16 years old, From Campobello, SC, Birthday October, 17 1997, Started racing at 9 yrs old, First win: Atlanta Dragway 2009

Rachel Flower, 13 years old, From Loganville, Georgia, Birthday September 6, 2000,First generation driver, First win: Atlanta Dragway 2013

Treasure Severance, 15 years old, born in Okinawa Japan (US Marine Base) November 3rd 1998, Fourth Generation Driver, First win Kinston Dragway 2013 Second Season of Jr. Dragster Racing.

Angelica Severance 14 Years old, born in Okinawa Japan (US Marine Base) March 29, 2000, Attended Doug Foley Racing School, Fourth Generation Driver, First win New Bern Dragway 2012, Third Season of Jr. Dragster Racing

Two additional JR Dragsters will be on hand in the display area for representation of diversity of age and gender in the Summit JR Dragster League.

Chad Logan, Age: 15 (16 on May 7), Car #2078, Hometown: Nokesville, VA 2009 Division 1 Champion and; Virginia Motorsports Park JR Dragster Track Champion

Katie Hall, Age: 8, Car # 2400, Hometown: Nokesville, VA 2014 is Katie's rookie season, Ambition: To achieve victory over her brother in competition

Treasure Severance states ďIím nervous about just getting past the other Summit JR Dragster League driverís so I can go against the Mello Yello Driverís.

The three Professional driversí from the Mello Yello Series will be:

The Dote Racing/Gumout Top Fuel dragster driver Leah Pritchett

The Monroe/Gates Funny Car driver Blake Alexander

The driver of the Connie Kalitta/Optima Batteries Top Fuel Dragster J.R. Todd.

The racing will be a heads up race by the four girls on the first run at approximately 2 PM; with the winner racing the Mello Yello Drivers heads at approximately 4 PM.

We will be posting more details as the event evolves.

ERS has expanded in 2014 to include three alternative divisions to its core marketing partner lineup.

ERS is proud to announce the addition of a subsidiary company ďA.A.I.Ē Auto Art International. ERS has joined forces with NHRA Hall of Fame artist Kenny Youngblood to create a new entity that will focus on the promotion of framed and matted art created by Kenny Youngblood in multiple venues. Kenny is a widely known artist for his recreations of a single moment in time and portrayal through canvas for the NHRA. Now we are bringing him into additional racing venues, from circle track, to road course and off road.

We will be offering select teams the chance to have their image portrayed through format to sell to their fans within the sport. These will be a limited numbered and signed editions for the teams to use for raising awareness and funding their charities. We anticipate that we will have the ability to have an entry level price point for less than the average ticket price for a weekend at the events. The unique perspective to this program is we are creating something that you can make personal, have autographed by the driver, and contains a print that will gain in value.

We will be offering these items in the near future:

ERS has joined forces with Racing For Education to help promote the growth of children in school through the use of STEM programs.

ERS will be focusing on the development driver series in each of the forms of racing throughout the next two years. We will be selecting three teams in each discipline of racing and specifically helping the team develop their ability to create a positive brand image for their sport and capture the attention of marketing partners that will follow them through their growth in the industry.

The first of these programs will be at the Charlotte 4 Wide event in April. We are focused on bringing notoriety to the NHRA JR Dragster division over the event weekend.

New Driver Portal Coming Soon:

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