New ERS Income Funnel for Teams,

We have developed a 12 independent products that you can utilize to start your income from sponsorships to support your racing programs.

We will be revealing the independent produscts that will start with simple startup information for proposals to deliver to your prospects. All the way up to a complete professional built program where you have a team member negotiating wiht the clients on your behalf. Each one of the producst will allow you to move farther along the professional education of how to do it for yourself, promotional programming that will deliver your customers with a outstanding ROI. Positioning yourself with the leverage of providing your clients with the data and stats that will empower you to raise the level of commitment the client will provide in the future as they review the marketing metrix you will be delivering to them.

We will also allow you access to an opportunity to launch a business based around the education of other on how to generate income to suppor their sponsorship programs in any form.

We look forward to presenting you with these new options as they are revealed over the next 60 days.

ERS has expanded in 2014 to include three alternative divisions to its core marketing partner lineup.

ERS is proud to announce the addition of a subsidiary company A.A.I. Auto Art International. ERS has joined forces with NHRA Hall of Fame artist Kenny Youngblood to create a new entity that will focus on the promotion of framed and matted art created by Kenny Youngblood in multiple venues. Kenny is a widely known artist for his recreations of a single moment in time and portrayal through canvas for the NHRA. Now we are bringing him into additional racing venues, from circle track, to road course and off road.

We will be offering select teams the chance to have their image portrayed through format to sell to their fans within the sport. These will be a limited numbered and signed editions for the teams to use for raising awareness and funding their charities. We anticipate that we will have the ability to have an entry level price point for less than the average ticket price for a weekend at the events. The unique perspective to this program is we are creating something that you can make personal, have autographed by the driver, and contains a print that will gain in value.

We will be offering these items in the near future:

ERS has joined forces with Racing For Education to help promote the growth of children in school through the use of STEM programs.

ERS will be focusing on the development driver series in each of the forms of racing throughout the next two years. We will be selecting three teams in each discipline of racing and specifically helping the team develop their ability to create a positive brand image for their sport and capture the attention of marketing partners that will follow them through their growth in the industry.

The first of these programs will be at the Charlotte 4 Wide event in April. We are focused on bringing notoriety to the NHRA JR Dragster division over the event weekend.

New Driver Portal Coming Soon:

A few words about our company...

Elite Racing Sponsors exists to help corporate America advertise in the racing industry.

By doing so, we help fund race teams and tracks across the country that typically see an increase in fan base due to increased exposure and competition.

We offer you a marketing focus that will give a repeated visual impression for 3-5 hours daily in a passion and adrenaline filled environment, generating for you a stronger emotional impact with more thorough marketing than any other available!

We invite you to inquire about further information from our staff today. Visit our information update page on . You will find email and phone contact information as well as valuable updates.

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We invite you to inquire about further information from our staff today. Visit our Corporate information update page on . You will find email and phone contact information as well as valuable updates.

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